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Cool Spot (Any %) (Single Segment) (Easy)

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Quote from Mr. K:
I was hoping for a sub 12 when I was routing this game, but thanks to solid execution and some routing improvements, I'm thrilled to see that this is sub 11:30!  Routing this game is hard.  I threw together routes for most of the stages, but I knew when I finished some early runs that they weren't fully optimized.  This run is great and it's got a lot to offer.

Shell Shock
The best I've ever gotten is with 34 left on the clock.  Had it not been for that hit by the hermit crab, this could have been a 35...maybe.

Pier Pressure
There are some routing improvements the runner made to this level that save a significant amount of time.  Getting the bounce off of the spiked urchin? and climbing up after collecting the last couple spots worked well.  Not getting hit by the bee falling down the last section was nice.  There was a little hiccup on the final climb, but nothing too major.

Off the Wall
I was pretty impressed by the overall execution of this level.  There are some very slight route tweaks and they definitely pay off.

I discovered the acceleration glitch earlier, but hadn't really thought of using it on purpose.  It's used and abused here and it saves at least 6 seconds over my old time.  The glitch definitely makes the route harder.  I recall the runner saying that the level can go even faster with it, but I've yet to test it out myself with the new route.  Suffice it to say it's impressive.

Toying Around
The runner jumped off of the fire ladder a bit earlier and hit the tack on the way down.  Other than that, this level is pretty solid.

Radical Rails
I hate this level.  The momentum while sliding is bizarre and it's an easy place to lose time.  Fortunately the runner did great here.  15 seconds left on the clock is great and matches my best time.

Wound Up
This level was pretty well executed overall.  The last section with the blocks is pretty awkward and it can be difficult to deal with the pencil top enemies and collect all the spots behind the blocks, but no major hiccups.

Loco Motive
The runner avoided getting hit by the bird dropping which is nice.  The slight route tweak at the end to the route of walking off saves about a second or so.

Back to the Wall
This stage is a nightmare to optimize and I'm sure time could still come off of it.  The runner caught a platform while falling down.  As you can see it's easy to take damage here.  There was a lucky 7 up drop which saved the run.  The other major mistake was that the runner aimed at the cage prematurely and had to adjust positioning.

Dock and Roll
There are some route changes to this level that have helped push the time down a lot from my old route.  I hate this level because it's punishing and it's easy to die or miss a jump.  That jump at the end and the 7up drop...clutch.

Beach Patrol
29 left on the clock is a respectable time for the last stage.  The last level is pretty standard.

Overall I'm really happy to see my old time improved by a combination of better routing and better execution.  Thanks to some of the improvements this run is very fast paced, pretty clean overall, and it makes it a good watch.  Routing this game has been hard and I'm glad to see the runner found so many improvements.  This is an easy accept.

Quote from UraniumAnchor:
A/V good, no cheating.

This game is deceptively difficult to optimize because building up speed takes so long and even really tiny mistakes can knock you out of it, costing a surprising amount of time. That plus all the damage boosting makes this game really hard to do in a speedrun setting, even on easy. On hard you need to collect a minimum of 90% of the spots in order to progress, which would be... interesting to route out, to say the least.

Anyway, this run seems to have pretty good planning and execution, and would be harder to improve than you might think from a casual viewing.


Quote from sahailaway:
A/V: Good
No cheating detected.

    short and simple but very well planned, this is one of the few games that saves tons of time on easy mode
Just minor mistakes, very consistent and well executed run: easily acceptable

Decison: Accepted.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'darbian'!
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