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Contra III: The Alien Wars (ntscus) (snes) [Low %] [Single Segment] [Hard] [2 players]

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Quote from zallard1:
Ok this time we got 2p low% hard mode with deaths. Lets look at each stage.

Stage 1: Didn't see the moving double gun pose on the tank, for shame. At least the stage went well.

Stage 2: Player 1 gets killed a few times on the last pod. Spider tango was a success.

Stage 3: Player 1 game overs to save 17 seconds on the climb for the crusher. He joins back into help damage the crusher miniboss and then promptly dies again during the explosion to save more time. I forget the meaning of the player 2 death on the climb inside the building, possibly to respawn higher? Also, dat 1 cycle on the boss in hard mode.

Stage 4: The stage is really smooth overall. This boss is probably the hardest thing to do on hard low% on this game, so it's understandable if it doesn't go according to plan. Player 1 dies once due to some random shrapnel from the boss. One thing I'm curious about is why not bomb the boss here? It seemed to help tremendously in the easy low% runs. The only thing I can think of is if the boss on this mode has enough HP to where the bombs don't reward as much of a chunk of damage as they do in easy mode.

Stage 5: Both players finish their pods at the same time, making the time that player 2 used to chase down the red spider not cost any actual time overall. Player 1 death abuses a ton on this boss because of how rare it actually is to get a decent opening on the boss, plus constant bomb usage on the boss damages it alot when it's in the center of the blast for the entire explosion animation. There were some shenanigans with the boss, but it wasnt a major impact on the time.

Stage 6: The lives count was really low here, so both players had to be careful not to game over. Player 2 dies from a bad spore pattern on the Super C boss, which makes things dicey. Almost got the perfect pattern on the queen, but still got the 1 cycle, which is the really important thing. The first orb selection was cautious. They got all the good blue orbs, although player 2 had a bomb in reserve, would that have saved time if one of the selections was a red orb? Also we get the secret sad ending to Contra III in a submission ;(

The run had its bumpy moments, but keeping in mind that Contra 3 low% is an incredibly brutal category, as well as the rarity of getting 2 extremely good players together at the same time for attempts, this is still impressive. Hopefully if I've mentioned any improvements in my comments, that they could be used in any future improvements if the runners ever want to do so.

Quote from Elipsis:
A/v: HQ looks good.  Do we count the live recording as an audio commentary track?  I would love to hear a post-production explanation of what I'm seeing.

Cheating: Nothing suspicious.

Gameplay: I don't really have anything to on top of Zallard's comments.  (He definitely knows this run more intimately than I do.)  While the there are a few unfortunate mistakes, I definitely think this run is damn good.

Conclusion: Teary eyed accept..

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Kyle 'Mr. K' Halversen & Jeremy 'DK28' Doll!
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