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MASTER-88: 2020-06-26 03:50:57 am
Just casual thread, because im not have expensive DS capture card. But still got great system recoded used web camera. Still never accetable in SDA.

Albus cap 50 Hard in 36:29 IGT (OBS audio got crashed somewhere middle of the game and i used logitech after this)

Albus cap 1 Hard in 50:58 IGT (used logitech and hand camera whole run.
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MASTER-88: 2020-06-26 03:53:00 am
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MASTER-88: 2020-06-26 03:39:58 am
Just never see anyone are speedruns those categorys. I not have normal mode time, because its slower than my cap 50 hard time.  That cap 1 category is awesome, because its really hard category speedrun. Year ago i did unrecorded run 58:35 and now i nearly beat its 8:30 minutes and recorded. I´ll hope peoples like watch this game. I´ll aim better times in future.

Sorry thats pretty long time ago i visited here. I am just focused other things. I´ll still like speedruns and SDA is best old school site in speedrunning history.

Sorry post wrong links and fixed. But fixed.:)
Albus normal mode 31:54 IGT (21 segments)

I never are interested play that game on normal mode, but my previous very old unrecorded run ended 36:47, so i think i have to redo that little bit. I´ll still focus hard mode runs in future. I hate that logitech video quality. OBS give little bit more cleaner, but that audio troubles was too weird. Also its impossible recorded SS speedruns using logitech, because 15 minutes is max time limit. So keep segmented shorter than 15 minutes.

I see WR Albus normal is somewhere 27 minutes range and single segmented. Not sure how much its IGT, but as far as i can tell IGT and RTA is pretty similar with this game, just very minor difference. Nobody one never make any records cap 50 or cap 1 hard. I think i am WR holder those categorys.

I probably might redo cap 50 Hard and Cap 1 Hard run next. I have to check out did i can find better quality settings my logitech program. I am also have make some good unrecorded progress Castlevania Portrait of Ruin old axe armor mode (years ago), but also unrecorded. I think i´ll practice and record also this game. Let see.

Current OOE PB Albus
Normal 31:54
Hard cap 50: 36:29
Hard cap 1: 50:58
You can follow my Albus cap 50 hard mode new progress here.  This is probably my first more serious speedrun with this game. 1 min 59 seconds ahead my 36:29 run before Goljath and tied my normal mode 31:54 run. Its seems also quality is improvement little bit with better logitech settings.
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MASTER-88: 2020-07-18 02:16:12 pm
Cap 50 Hardmode Albus speedrun in 31:55 (only 1 seconds slower than my normal mode run) 4:34 minutes improvement over my previous record on hardmode.

Its might really easy push sub 31 normal mode run and even sub 30 in future. I think my next progress is improve cap 1 hard Albus (50:58 run). I have to plan and update my routes and strategys and i think i can redo it a lot.
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MASTER-88: 2020-07-22 01:41:29 pm
I you are somenone are intereste follow my speedruns. Cap 1 Hard Albus progress. 4 minutes 06 ahed my 50:58 run after Gravedorcus. I´ll add segments when go through. I did 50:58 run more runthrough than speedrun. I think i can make real speedrun 45 minutes or even faster. But not have capture card so just used casual thread and make WEB camera runs. My money budjet is never enought buy capture card, so i´ll play always casually.
Cap 1 hardmode Albus new game. 43:33 minutes in game time.
Its a lot faster run what i think first. Its still pretty safety played for example i pick up 268 HP max and thats allow me take one hit with Death. It was useful with this time.

Not used Dracula 2nd phase PRO method like i did cap 50 hard mode. Im not simply consistent it, but its fair enpought to say then my ending could be easily under 43 minutes.
Dracula segment improvement 1 min 04 seconds and its make my Cap 1 hard total time 42:29. Finally used Frozen any-% normal WR PRO strategy against Dracula 2nd phase. I just practice a lot consistent it and i died a lot his cape swing. Thats not was easy perform consistent cap 1 hardmode.

Cap 1 Hard Albus new unoffical WR run 42:29 in game time. I say this run is done. Though i can manipulate first form better and might go even sub 42 minutes. But im not sure is it worth it. I might sometimes make new run and aim sub 40 minutes. Rightnow this seems nobody are interested play or watch this game. There is only one good run in speedrunlive and not any hardmode categorys runs ever done. Also segmented runs are lost all interested. I personally have many questions about this game, like most how RNG working and etc...  Especially Eligor fight, its probably most weirdest fight ever.

Here is Dracula improvement segment. Whole run you can see youtube playlist. Anyone know is there any discuss speedrun DS castlevania games?