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Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Quote from RedArremer:
Looks good to me.
There's some time to be saved by not having any hearts at the end of every boss fight, and there's also some unclean sections where using an axe instead of whipping or vice versa would have been a bit quicker.

In Dracula's Castle 2, there's this part of the climb with the spikes coming out of the walls. One of the last rooms of this section has a grim reaper and a turret inside there, and only one spike (at 19:15 in the video). Would it be possible to damage boost through that reaper in order to catch the wallspike's first cycle? That would seem a few seconds faster to me.

Anyway, overall a great run. There's only a few seconds to be gained from the aforementioned, so I'm all for accepting it.

So I am gunna start off with the glaring issues first.
-The run was recorded in 720x480. It is clear that this is a raw file so during the final encoding this should be able to be fixed.
- Jumping. I noticed that every time you jump, you lose a frame. Not when you jump, but rather when you land. This will be something for the runner to keep in mind if they attack this game again some time. The runner jumps a lot when it is unnecessary (at least as far as I can tell). The time lost due to this is not a large amount. Maybe half a second. But them frames could be the difference in getting that final second taken off.

Neither of the things above are reject worthy. Just simply things of note.

What happened at the start of stage 3? The final bosses were played really safe for what was done for the entirety of the game before them. Go all out for them too. I know you were low on health for the whip guy, and I saw the manipulation you were doing to him to not get hit. But there were a few rounds where you got no hits in at all. Dracula was not the best either. But a speedrun is not fast because of bosses for this type of game, it is the stages. And WOW you did a great job with them. A few spots could have been done better with different strats. Making a forum thread and posting progress vids allows other people to give input and help you out. The community is your greatest resource.

Regardless, I give this an accept but I also urge the runner to seek out others help in making an improvement. I believe this is the same runner that did the other cv gameboy game, and they did not make a thread for that either that I am aware of.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'DeMoNFLiP84'!
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A Serious Noob
Thanks to those who verified this run. I am fully aware that this run needs some more improvements and I will take those advises said in those comments.

As for the large file, I apologize for that because at the time I didn't realize I was actually sending in the Raw Files instead of Final Encoding. I was already told from my other submissions about that so with that said any future submissions it will be final encoded.

Again thanks to everyone who took part into verifying this game. I will definitely try this run again! thumbsup