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I know I saw a run of this somewhere quite a while ago, but there's no documentation here, no leaderboard, and bad documentation everywhere that doesn't explain anything about the mechanics or anything else that I can see (chest contents, triggers, spell requirements etc.)

I'm looking into it atm. As per usual, I'll leave all my research and link a completed run in this post when it's available for future reference.

Notes thus far:

*edit* If ANYONE can find the run i remember it would be great. I distinctly remember a save/load wrongwarp that skipped a couple chapters existing, but this run eludes me.

Might want to figure out if console commands are acceptable. They probably are, and I'm definitely not doing this without at least Supermarket for the Rich. The battle kill command seems silly, but Why am I so dull seems...too fast to not use, even if it's a little lame. If the game were popular or I had infinite time, i'd try to route none/supermarket/supermarket+dull.
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Defender of Truth, Justice, etc
I was a huge fan of Betrayal at Krondor, and have purchased Antara but never played it. Best of luck, will definitely watch it.
Hi! If you want to be really smart about your notes, the best way IMO to store them for posterity is to start a knowledge base wiki for it! The link to the knowledge base is on the SDA front page and starting a new page is really simple: take an existing page to act as a skeleton. Here's the full list. Something like the Thief 2 page has all kinds of links ready so you just have to replace the name of the game in each one. Copy-paste each subpage as you see fit, and whenever you need to create a new page, just type an analogous URL into the address bar and the wiki will ask you if you want to create it.

Ask if you have questions regarding this but IMO wikis are ideal because they immediately give people the impression (if anything will) that it's freely editable by anyone who ever studies the game instead of the notes ever being kept in the same place. Whenever I'm seriously looking into a game (like with Thief 2 for example), I create a wiki for it. I don't always keep them up to date unless I know there's someone else looking into the game as well, but ultimately that's the idea.
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I've made a knowledge base entry before. Not really a point unless i finish the notes on the games i'm routing imo. Legend of Mana has gone through so many iterations that the knowledgebase on here needs severe editing and i'm the only one that actually looks at it.

I might do an entry on Dragon Wars. I'm kind of getting tired of Antara so I might take a break from it and come back to finish it. (I have a severe stitched up cut on my right hand so it's unfun to do the first chapter combine/sell of a jillion ale/fidali leaves just to test money routing)

When i'm processing things, the first notepage i link is the 'learning and data gathering' page. the next is usually a cheat sheet that cuts out the explanations and things that are unnecessary. The last iteration is a combination of the first two that is slightly more guided than just vague bullet points, but not as clunky and pointlessly wordy as the first. This last one is usually made after the first couple runs are done and i can review what's going on, what works, etc. (I saw your post about wondering how people visualize routing.) That's just for notes. The first run I routed was LoM AllEvents, and you can find the spreadsheet I did of it around. It's quite ugly. Combining pertinent documentation to routing in a single location lets you tab quickly to find what is where in the game, but that can get really clunky in an information-heavy or information-deprived game. It's definitely a process to get started.

I'm going to try to dig up that old run.

Since i'm not going to get into video editing anytime soon, and thus not likely to submit these routes to SDA as videos, as a hobby i've been just routing some old gems that i feel deserve the attention. I've been providing the documentation, information, and route notes/videos as I go just for the off chance someone else wants to pick up the run or route later on.

I don't intend to make dead threads, but this one and Another Star are probably on hiatus to be finished. Forgot I even made an Another Star post :O.
If you're talking about route notes, sure, those can change quite a bit (unless the old route stays in its own category), but general notes... surely not so much. It doesn't matter if it's used in any current run, it should still be mentioned. Of course a Strategy Guide needs constant editing... and I'm also the only one who's doing that for multiple games.

I'm not quite sure how the rest of what you said relates to or if it relates to the Knowledge Base here. Are you saying the KB is a good place to store that information? Or that it's got limitations? It certainly can't natively do spreadsheets and formulae etc. so those and videos have to be linked.

"Not really a point unless I finish the notes" - I'm just talking about the "known glitches and tricks" page that's category-independent and thus route-independent.

Sad about your hand... I often get my wrists/hands in a jam myself limiting how much grind I can do and thus am also happy to leave running to others whenever available.

Anyway this is a bit off-topic.