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Battletoads (Any %) (Single Segment) [Deaths, Warps]

Verifier Responses

Quote from UraniumAnchor:
Reject because this is obviously a TAS.

Quote from PJ:
Audio/video look great to me.  No signs of cheating...unless you're unfamiliar with Battletoads.

I just want to begin by saying how impressed I am with JC (sorry, but I'm pretty sure we all know whose run this is).  IIRC, this is actually the second 13:19 that he got.  His first run had a watermark or something that made it unsubmittable, and instead of bashing the submission standards or his software or whatever, he just decided to do it all over again.  What a boss.  o.O  I also want to thank him for his incredibly classy comments.  I've seen several runners lately who just don't acknowledge the other people who were involved with the run: TASers, old runners, their rivals, etc.  That's a really rude move.  I'm not even saying this because I am one of the people JC acknowledged in his comments, I'm saying this because it really speaks towards JC's character that he acknowledged TMR (his main competitor in this game), Icthus (who isn't even active anymore), me (even though I don't deserve it), and all of the TASers both old and new.  On behalf of the speed running community, thanks for being a good model JC.  ^_^

That being said, this run is absolutely incredible.  It has grown beyond my ability to even point out improvements.  His comments are incredibly detailed and point out every single "mistake" in the run and how much time each one costs.  He really didn't leave anything for us verifiers to do!  Haha.  His consistency with the dash jumps is really impressive, and it is made even more impressive when you consider how risky it is to even attempt these, especially on the final level where everything is on a global timer and missing an attempted dash jump might cause you to miss a cycle.  He really banked on hitting the dash jumps in his route and it really paid off.  I am seriously impressed!

The only thing I can even think of for improvement is dash jumping off a springs.  This would allow for ledge cancels on the spring sequence in level 12, but I haven't really figured out how to dash jump off of them.  I've done it a lot accidentally, but wasn't able to do it when I actually tried.  Either way, that's a really stupid thing to try in a run, so I wouldn't recommend it.

The double dash jump over the snowball in level 4 is something I tried back in like 2008 when I routed this game.  I did it exactly once and then decided it was too much to expect of any human in a real run.  Fast forward to today; both JC and TMR are using this in their runs.  Very well done, gentlemen.

I love his improvement to area 2 of stage 6, especially because I am the one that developed the strat the TAS used!  I love seeing improvements like these.  I never even thought to do that dash jump off the snake.  Cheesy

Stage 8 is so much fun when it is done well.  Spoilers: it is done well in this run.  Besides the boss not bouncing well, this level gets totally stomped.  Special shoutouts to TMR for teaching me some tricks in this level at AGDQ.

Stage 9 is much like level 8.  It's a really fun stage to play but it can also be a total nightmare when the game wants to win.  The last checkpoint is just nonstop lethal tricks.  Missing any of them either costs like 5+ seconds or outright kills you.  It is a very impressive stage when it is done this cleanly.

Rat boot.  Pretty standard trick for a Battletoads runner, but when you're on such good pace it is not easy to keep your cool on this stage.  Hahaha.

Incredible fight against the hypno orb in the clinger winger.

Stage 12.  Incredibly brutal level.  Incorporating these dash jumps is terrifying to me.  Haha.  They definitely do save a lot of time and look amazing, but damn.  Very ballsy.  That second green cloud is really unfortunate.  I really feel for you, JC.  Nothing you can do about shit like that in Battletoads, though.  Sometimes collision detection just turns off.  :/  This is the only mistake in the entire run though, so it is very definitely not a big deal.  Everything else in this stage is nailed.  Finish it off with a solid Dark Queen fight.

So yea.  This run.  Amazing.  I highly doubt it will be beaten, but TMR is certainly capable of it.  In the meantime, everybody needs to watch this run as soon as possible.  This is one of the best speed runs I have ever seen for any game.

ACCEPT.  Congrats, JC!  ^_^

Wow, just wow.  This game.  For it's difficulty, warped hit detection at times and even sketchy platforming, all that aside.  This runner just nails it all.

Just watch the run...

Quote from TheMexicanRunner:
First of all, BIG Congratulations for such an awesome time and execution. If someone deserves that gold run, that is you JC.
Is true that we both routed the last details on the game but I always tried to route it to the humanly possible way, but you been the one who started to implement the crazy tricks like the "Turbo Tunnel glitch", "Terra Tubes spike skip" (shoutout to Zx497 for finding the strat used there) and "a lot of dash jumps" specially in Arctic Caverns.

About the Submission:
As you explained in your comments where are all the mistakes, I am just gonna add how much time I think can be saved and also the bright/dark spots of the run.

Time to be saved: ~13 secs

1. ORB Fight in Clinger-Winger.
2. Terra Tubes level until Spike Skip.
3. Intruder Excluder climb.
4. Arctic Caverns: I know you can do better but still looks really impresive and is one of the tougher stages speedrunning wise.

1. Green Cloud in middle part of Revolution: probabbly the ugliest spot in the whole run.
2. Dash jump in the last check point of Arctic Caverns: failing it cost you a lot of time (~2 seconds).
3. Spike Skip in Terra Tubes: Such a perfect level you had to end up loosing ~3 secs by that.

What else can i say?
It has been really nice to meet you JC I am happy you shared my passion for Battletoads like no one ever did before (exept for Icthus) and don't expect to hold that submission forever hopefully newcomers will try to beat it and if there is none I will beat that time myself. Good job, and thanks for this hitless awesome run.

Final Decision: ACCEPTED
Final time - 13:20.35 (Stupid Video Conversions)

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'jc583'!
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Oh man you guys I'm gonna cry, haha.
Good call TMR on shouting out to ZX497! The guy who brought the bike skip rate down from once every 20-30 minutes to once every 3-5 tries. Also I seem to recall it was you who was doing the spike skip first, not me. Wink My jaw dropped the first time I saw you do it.

UA I'm flattered, lol. It could be a better TAS, preferably one that beats the current TAS. Believe it or not, this run is only 6 seconds behind it, although I never tried to compare my own time with it because it doesn't use the bike skip.

PJ, despite everything, you should know deep down you really have done a lot. I understand none of us really pioneered the tricks originally, which is why I gave the TAS guys credit, but you're set apart by being the first ever public voice to do whatever it took to show everything you knew about Battletoads in public, which was enough to eventually lead to all these minutes of time being shaved off over the years.

Anonymous verifier, thank you, and you're absolutely right about how screwy this game can get. The green cloud in this run is a fair enough example of how after all this time, I still can't figure out the hit detection. Cry
Congrats JC!
<3 JC
General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
Quote from jc583:
Anonymous verifier, thank you, and you're absolutely right about how screwy this game can get. The green cloud in this run is a fair enough example of how after all this time, I still can't figure out the hit detection. Cry

Well I missed that we were throwing anonimity to the wind in this verification.  LOL.  But it is an amazing run, congrats JC.  Be very proud.  thumbsup
so pro u don't even know
Way to go JC!
Grats JC! Glad to see a submission of this game after all the races you've done on SRL with TMR.