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Batman Arkham Asylum (Any %) (Single Segment) (Hard)

Verifier Responses

Audio/Video: SoTasty
Cheating: None

Bell Skip is still an awful and heinous skip. 2nd try is still really good for a single segment. Scarecrow 1 / Nightmare 1 was still reasonably good despite the slippery turn. This run is still gat dang fast.

Decision: Accept!

Quote from honorableJay:
Here are my direct notes from watching the run:

7:20 - doesn't attempt jump kick takedown
8:45 - botched, hit twice
13:12 - extra hit not needed, probably nerves
13:42 - doesn't early roll to open the door
17:00 - not the best end to IT1, but not the worst (hesitation on the 2nd batarang, didn't get instant KO)
20:20 - Batmobile fight was a tad sloppy
21:30 - doesn't roll early for the door
21:53 - doesn't roll after zip
25:47 - rang can be used to instant KO one of the guards on the drop (possibly mouse only)
27:15 - goes up top rather than around, wastes time and doesn't grab the trophy for extra experience
31:30 - Batman doesn't feel like doing the quick climb, takes a dive instead, followed by losing a cycle due to not trying the quick climb a second time
34:30 - Bane fight: gives Bane way too much room to run, walking around him opens up the entire room rather than keeping him in a smaller run area during the charges, initial charges can be baited a lot quicker
40:00 - doesn't cut the corner
41:55 - attempts to take out the dangerous snipers, gets taken out due to bad luck on their positioning, more consistent to simply ignore them and roll to the stairs
42:30 - alternative he uses is slower than the more optimal one (batarang guards under the grate, zip up and get in before they recover)
42:55 - better to drop off the ledge, recovery cancel, then zip up
44:45 - misses first try bell skip, gets it on second try
51:30 - didn't roll to trigger door
55:05 - doesn't let go of run early enough, jumps over hole instead of dropping
57:00 - jump kick followed by an immediate roll is faster than batclaw
1:01:40 - newer strat skips the need for baiting out charges, has the titans punch each other, good luck here still does this fight really fast
1:12:40 - gel placement was too far away to get most of the skeletons
1:14:30 - doesn't stand on the default spawn point to force the titan closer to the wall
1:24:10 - a new convo skip has been found for this spot
1:26:20 - auto-camera sux
1:27:00 - uses alternative route, slightly slower
1:30:08 - gel strategy here is sub-optimal
1:33:12 - gel can be placed on the corner and will still destroy the platform
1:34:10 - rushed the setup for the LL, ended early, had to roll to door to avoid sniper, followed by another rushed setup getting stopped on a plant which was killed due to shared run/use button
1:34:40 - fails to hit the far right sniper with a rang before the glide, causes another death
1:36:07 - auto-camera plus rushing the LL cause 2 drops into the pit
1:38:30 - better to use the ultra-batclaw to stun the guards than to fight them
1:29:35 - trying to fight the guards rather than batclaw stun leads to getting caught in the vines
1:42:17 - initial charge can be baited from the far corner to stun both titans
1:42:35 - bad timing on the rang, slow-mo titan charge had to cross half the room
1:44:25 - after taking out the first Titan, he rushed to try and get the 2nd, cost him a bunch of hits and a batsnack

Yes I know a lot of those are in the nitpicking category, but the majority of those are completely under the runners control and don't boil down to RNG (things like 13:42, 42:55, etc).

Other areas are either really hard (bell skip at 44:45) or the game trolling the runner (31:30, 1:26:20, 1:36:07).

That being said, this is still overall a solid run. Where it counts is in the combat and boss fights. While they're not perfect, the runner shows a lot of skill in managing the groups and taking them down quickly. RNG was also on his side during the boss fights (twin titans and Joker especially).

I would like to see the runner put in a few more attempts to get a better time since I know he has the skills to do so. Regardless, I'm not letting that stop the run from going through. It's a good time that isn't a walk in the park to beat.

Weak Accept

Quote from HoboWithaShotgun:
My apologies for such a delay, school sucks.

The other two verifyers summed it up best. While this run is far from perfect, and has been beaten by a decent amount of time since it was submitted, it still meets the expectations. So I'll give this an accept, but I would love to see and improved run submitted, if possible Smiley

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'cojosao'!
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