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Armadillo Run (Any %) (Individual Level)

Verifier Responses

I have watched all 50 individual levels submitted by Sendai45 for Armadillo Run v2, and can confirm that this is a genuine speed run of excellent quality, with no anomalies in any of the level .mpgs.

His solutions are all impressive, especially because this puzzle game has a different budget limit set for each individual level. It can be difficult to find any solution at all that is within budget, never mind one which is fast as well. The usual focus is to be economical, not rapid! In the regular game, time is the one thing that is never limited.

As such, Sendai45 has repeated the entire game with an emphasis on speed. As a regular competitor (and sometimes winner) for the past six months in the still-surviving Armadillo Run forum challenges, I can honestly say his speed run is genuinely fast, and focussed on being as fast as possible. For example, using a "launcher" for a vertical freefall is unheard of, yet Sendai45 has them in all of the long drop challenge levels. 

I believe all of the solutions are real, with no cheating going on. The videos include the game's built in timer on display, verifying the time taken per solve. The 'dillo takes 5 contiuous seconds to teleport out of the level once it has reached the exit portal. That his average level time is about 7 seconds means an average time of about 2 seconds to reach the portal from the start position in each level. 
Some levels are big, forcing more solving time, while the smaller levels can be very quick indeed.

I particularly liked his solutions for levels:
18 - completed in an astonishing 5.34s - that's 0.34s to reach the portal and 5s to exit - and showing excellent control and positioning
28 - neat, simple, effective solution that uses some of the exploits of the physics system in Armadillo run (all valid in the AR forum challenges - not cheats at all)
40 - the dillo rides bareback on a rocket across a big void. Usually it needs a carrier of some sort. Elegantly living dangerously.
43 - a sneaky solution going around the obstacles

Not sure if you need my input after the verification above. Pretty much covers everything I can say. It's definitely a high quality run, with good and consistent video/audio quality throughout. Times are easily seen in-game, the clock stops when the level ends showing the time given.

So we know that the speedrun is skilled and fast. I can also say that it is entertaining to watch, especially for Armadillo Run lovers. Definitely deserves a spot on SDA.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to  Scott 'Sendai45' Barnkow!
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These videos are really cool but they're not speed runs, or not entire runs.  Unless I'm mistaken timing would begin when you have control of the building material.
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You could argue that's a different category, but the game DOES have a timer.
I could agree that you might have a category like Starcraft does where you ignore everything the timer ignores.  But I should think it would all be recorded just the same

The setup should probably be timed because that's where you're definitely playing, and not just affirming that you've gotten a solution.
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A bunch of us on staff discussed this game, and it turns out that replays is how the Armadillo Run forum (yes there is one) does their runs. Basically the run should be listed as new game + in-game ILs, and if someone wants to do a full run, then it'll be timed real-time, which will include the setup.
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I watched all the runs, and they seem fantastic--I've played the game, and the solutions here are amazing. It's interesting that the community does runs a little different, but there's no problem being different Smiley
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dballin: 2013-04-27 10:01:44 pm
Balls jerky
This game is all about the solutions. There's a very real chance some of them took hours of tweaking to get them to work. Who wants to watch that?

ps: run was awesome. would watch again!
There are runs of a lot of other puzzle games, and they all show the part where the player solves them.
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Brossentia: 2013-04-27 11:08:50 pm
No pain, no gain
Well, good for those runs. I'm glad that every game is treated the same every single time and that there is no variety whatsoever in what qualifies something as a run.

EDIT: Sorry, jerk mode was enabled. I just think watching these solutions wouldn't be too interesting, and it doesn't factor into the time. If you play the game, you'll understand. I think a SS of this game could be neat, though.
The setup of the solution should not be included in the timing because (As is my own experience with these kind of games like The Incredible Machine, Crazy Machines, and also this game a bit) placing parts in the proper place (Or like in this game with stretch strength and such) was often an extremely precise thing to do to get the desired effect (Since you're often trying to get odd things happening in order to be faster). And then it was like: Place part here, run solution to test if the desired effect happens, refine the position like 1 pixel, run solution to test, repeat.
So yeah like dballin said, building/tweaking to get a fast solution could take a very long time to get done and isn't exactly interesting to watch...
AFAICT, this is a legit category, including the setup time (i.e. real-time) would also be a legit category.

So we can be happy we have a run of one, and potentially leave space open for another, too.
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TheVoid: 2013-05-10 06:24:55 am
Finally watched all the runs, nice job!

Another legit category, which has always been my favorite in these kind of games, is using the least items required (Or for this game the cheapest method). I saw in the videos you have some Cheap solutions for some levels, any chance you can do that for all levels and submit them? I would love to watch those Smiley

EDIT: Hmm, is that actually a legit category for SDA? Because it's often not very speedy, or at least much less so Smiley
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You might consider that Low%.