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Totally rad
Using the save/load feature is fine for RTA runs, since you use those to break the game even more than it already is in a regular SS run. Keep in mind that such a tiny trick might not really be worth the save/reload (whereas the door-warp is probably a big enough time saver to make it worthwhile).

Do you stream your runs? I'd love to watch Smiley
I need to get my screen region streaming to run better, but I plan to. Regular save/load takes some time but just hitting F4 and F5 right away once the Refinery loads takes hardly any time at all. Those are the only times I've used save/load to save time, the rest has just been wall clips and such. The only place it's really a hindrance is getting to the Transept and Choir, since to gain access to those you have to get to the bottom floor, fix the machine, run all the way back up, hit the two levers, and head all the way back down again. Are there any clip possibilities near Agrippa/the rest of that floor?
Totally rad
Absolutely! There's the shovel trick, which lets you go straight to the Choir without fixing the machinery. After that, you can clip out of bounds at one of the pillars and go straight to the Transept. After the Transept, you can reach the main area by either killing yourself, or going out of bounds once again.

Here are a few links:
Shovel Trick:
Choir to Transept:
Transept to Chancel:
For the shovel trick, is the aim to land on the edge of the shovel?
Totally rad
For the shovel trick you have to put the shovel parallel to a specific part of the wall (as can be seen in that video). Make sure the shovel isn't too close to the wall, but also not very far away; the distance should be about 4/3 tiles. It should be put on the ground face up. Then, you need to build up a bit of speed and jump on the part of the metal part of the shovel closest to the wall. If all goes well, the game's physics engine will freak out and launch you through the wall.

I can try and make an explanatory video tomorrow, if that would help.
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I'll work on that Smiley

Also, not sure if it's really helpful, but I was messing around near the big spiral staircase and noticed if you just head to the center pillar and let yourself fall to the ground you never take damage. It's a lot easier than jumping around on the little rock outcroppings, at least.

edit: The shovel clip isn't too bad, I just started holding run/forward and jumping on it and I popped through the wall after a few tries. [double edit: Once, casually jumping on it, it flipped towards the wall and the clip worked. Kinda like a spatula!]
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When testing tricks (especially those to do with minimising fall damage) don't use quick saves, as they can make you immune to fall damage for one fall after following with a quick load. Additionally quick saves behave differently when saving and holding an object. Feel free to use it as a safety net when practicing tricks or routes though! Quick load is fine (even in segmented) provided the save was made using the menu to avoid bugs associated with quick-save.

Edit: Regarding the archives boxes i believe it happens (random, but fairly frequently?) if you load the map auto-save through the menu or quick load. I think phantagaming originally found it and i don't think he used quick save or load:

Edit 2: Tentatively started a wiki page

Only got two pages up so far as an outline! Hopefully i will get time to start filling in some stuff soon but i figured i might as well link it now in case anybody wants to make a start.
Do you know how fast health regenerates between rooms? In that monster encounter, in storage, and the one in the first prison section where you get the hammer/chisel I've taken hits before but not enough to kill/slow down, and just kinda went with it. After storage I head to the guest room/study/machine room so he has time to heal up anyways.
Totally rad
You should change the order in which you do the rooms in the Back Hall. The best way to do them is to go to the Study first (do a railing boost to get to the upper floor, if you want to save a few extra seconds), then the Guest Room and Storage last. The reason for this is that it skips one or two flashbacks. Flashbacks are awful in Amnesia, since they slow you down considerably so they're best avoided as much as possible.

I'm afraid I don't know the precise numbers for health regeneration, but I do know that it's terribly slow. There are plenty of sections where you can get away with it, but it will hurt your completion time quite considerably.
I just created pages for all the levels in the main game - the pages are just the default edit me pages but now people can start contributing known glitches, tricks and routes for each level (I'm thinking something like a Single segment route section, Segmented route section and then a section with a list of known glitch/trick spots). I've never really done any wiki stuff before so i'm a total noob when it comes to this. Feel free to add pages and stuff too.

Regarding health regen - it speeds up the lower health you have so there isn't really a set value, though anything below 50 health will have you moving slower, and anything below 40 will start to be a real issue.
Totally rad
Where did you create the pages, Apjjm? I'd be happy to contribute once I'm home again in a few days (so that I can create videos for most of the tricks)
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I had no idea the order could skip cut scenes in the Back Hall. A page listing cutscene skips might be good on this wiki?

edit: Just as supplemental info, is there a list of damage values for stuff? Fall damage, acid goo damage, grunt slashes, etc.

edit2: One more thing. The issue with the boxes in the Refinery I mentioned earlier is a serious issue. So there's a pile of boxes blocking the small hole you crawl through to get to the puzzle room, but by the time you get there the cutscene monster invincibility ends and he's like two feet behind you. I've seen a speedrun somewhere where someone got through it instantly somehow, but I have no idea how it happened. What's the best way to get through there without dying?
Totally rad
Run past the monster and close the door on him. It takes him pretty long to bash through a door, giving you plenty of time to move the two boxes out of the way.

Regarding the damage values: They seem to be somewhat random sometimes. Grunt slashes can sometimes kill you in one hit, and other times will bring you down to only "The wound is bleeding quite badly". Brute attacks always seem to be one hit kills, so you'd best stay away from those. Fall damage seems to be related to your vertical velocity (which is again related to height). Dark Shadow hardly deals any damage, it's easy to avoid, and there are only two or three instances where you can get hit by the stuff anyway, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.
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I've added pages for a bunch of tricks as well as filled in the pages for the Reload Warp and Spade glitch. Link to the wiki so far:

Still got plenty to do but plenty of glitches to fill in (and probably some i'm missing - Specifically "Magnetic walls", andre's door breaking glitch etc). All the level pages are up for the main game and will require some pictures and glitch / route listings etc. I've only restricted editing the front page and levels category page (because all the levels are linked already) - the rest anybody should be able to edit i think.
The Dork Knight himself.
Why not add all that info to the SDA Strategy Wiki too?
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My aim is to create a resource containing the following information:

-A comprehensive guide to each trick & glitch in The Dark Descent, Justine and AAMFP (When it comes out)
-A set of notes SS and Segmented routes for each level in each HPL2 game
-A level by level listing of tricks, including ones in older versions of the game where possible
-Tips and tricks to help with the above
-How to set up and use the dev tools to aid with planning (e.g. map warp in debug pannel, scripts, opening maps, entities by using the editors etc) & enabling quick load. Also how to enable saves in justine for practicing.
-An introduction guide, listing key tricks and a few key levels.

I had considered using the SDA strategy wiki with multiple pages but I have no clue how to do a side listing as in bioshock's page (bioshock: and even still the side listing would be massively long and harder to navigate than what i have currently (there are 32 levels in ATDD, 4 in justine, probably 20+ in AAMFP. There are then all the pages for tricks in the first two games, and most likely some new stuff as well as old stuff in AAMFP, which would be a separate game). Honestly i am a total beginner at anything wiki and would happily migrate over to the SDA KB if i knew how set things out in a way that is simple to navigate and update it - if somebody would like to help me out on that front then there is no reason i wouldn't use the SDA one provided others have no objects of course.
Monster Push, Jockeying, and Ladder Quick Climb have intriguing names; I've never heard of any of them before :O
Totally rad
Nice work, Apjjm. I'll try to contribute to the wiki as soon as I have some time on my hands Smiley
It doesn't really matter if the table of contents is long, but the most important things for the wiki are the glitches/tricks because they usually require more information than just watching them in action and can be generally used on any level in case new routes are found. I don't think describing each level in detail with routes is that important, it's usually stuff you write in the comments for a published run or you can just watch a run to see it easier, also routes tend to get outdated now and then. I mean you can write if you want to but doing that for 50 levels sounds like a bit of a pain Tongue Level specific tricks like OoB spots is pretty nice to have in the wiki though.
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AdamAK, you definitely need to put together a youtube/SDA video sometime. just watching your stream i noticed so many things i had no idea about because the runs i've seen on youtube are ancient. i'm taking notes from your stream recording for sure.

did get my first legit under-1-hour time finally, but i did so much slow/safe/old stuff lol

edit: Adam, when you streamed, at the end of the clip past the chancel right past the orb tunnel thing you mention jumping past the last wall before the exit. you can also boost up the right supporting wall section from the right side at an angle. it's quick and much safer, i think

edit#2: a thorough explanation of the window clip before the refinery would be awesome too. i can get inside the window fine and i know the center panel seems the most sensitive to the clip but at best after a minute or two of trying i can maybe clip through the floor and die Tongue
Totally rad
I've started making videos for individual sections and tricks in the game. Starting with the Rainy Hall, I will be providing videos and explanations for every trick I know. I'm hoping to have covered every area to at least some extent by the end of next week.

Apjjm might want to add the technical details for each section and augment whatever I write Wink
So i've decided to throw my hand in at speed running amnesia the dark descent. Attempts are going pretty well with my PB sitting around 46 minutes
(With deaths of course Sad still working on it!)

But I feel like im struggling badly with any twitching type of glitching through the walls such as to get past the cistern or the final breakthrough at the inner sanctum. I guess my two questions are if you're listening for Daniel's footsteps when you're twitching quickly and secondly if you're just pressing forwards with shift during these segments or are you pressing forwards + angling. AKA holding W + shift vs WA + shift or WD + shift.

And lastly, the one trick I can't execute at all is coming out of the transept and putting youself out of bounds to get to the chancel + prison break. Realistically I should be just waiting on the youtube video explanations, but im impatient and running the game like mad atm haha.
For the cistern clip, after the morgue. I line up so that I'm facing the door, then (while standing) hold left and alternate between back and forward. It's a relatively easy clip.

My setup for the clip after the transept has been working for me pretty consistently, I get right in the corner of the pillar + wall. crouch, then at once hit shift+forward+left (kind of a lot to keep track of), then right as daniel starts to stand up, jump. you won't get through every time, but I can get it fairly quickly and the jump insures that I won't fall in the gap.
It's probably easier to give context of what im doing wrong with an example, so I highlighted the segment where
I am at the cistern skip.

Basically I am doing a similar movement to what I do in the guest room where I do decently wide circles with the mouse
while holding shift + WA. What im getting out of your post is that you hug yourself up to the jut out area in the wall, point
yourself towards the door and then hold shift + A while alternating between W and S. I assume you also do some type of
twitch movement like im doing in the video at the same time?

And im assuming you aren't jumping while doing all of the above????

I'm planning on practice tonight from prison 1 to the choir tonight so im trying to get something more consistent because my average
cistern skip is probably 90 seconds to 2 minutes.
here's a clip of my cistern clip from my pb (actually died the 1st time :b):

I don't hold jump or shift. I get in the corner so that I can stand up, turns towards the door. immediately hold A and start alternating between s and w til I clip. I can make a more detailed version that explains it a bit more if you want.