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My feelings on The Demon Rush
No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, and this isn't a typo.

We need a new location this year, and I want to start searching preferably by March. The first thing I will be asked when finding a location is, "What are your dates?"

These are the dates that I want to propose for the marathon proper. January 5-January 11, 2014. In other words, Sunday to Saturday, just like this year.

I think we hit our sweet spot with AGDQ 2013. The Sunday to Saturday date range lets people with school and/or jobs stay the entire marathon, including setup day and one day of bonus stream without taking more than a week off. In theory we could extend the marathon by 24 hours, but we were already ridiculously sleep-deprived by the end of AGDQ 2013, so I don't think it's worth trying to extend the marathon further.

Speaking of school, having AGDQ during this week minimizes schedule conflicts with schools. I know some schools start during this week, but most start a week later.

Honestly, unless if someone can think of any good objections, these are the dates we should aim for the marathon proper. Yes, we will still have setup day the day before, and I'll likely have at least a day or two of bonus stream into the weekday.

P.S. I have not planned out a single other thing for AGDQ 2014 so don't ask me about games.
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Claimh Happy
Those dates sound alright to me. As someone who had to skip a week of school this year, I can attest to how important the Sunday-Saturday schedule was for not making anything worse than it was.
Moo! Flap! Hug!
Another possibility would be to consider 29 December 2013 - 4 January 2014, if you wanted the Sunday to Saturday format.  That might work better for people who need time off school / work; but, it also might conflict with people's holiday plans.
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Quote from Poxnor:
it also might conflict with people's holiday plans.

That's why I'm not considering that date range.
Lord Of The Beards
The dates are good for college students so i'm fine with it.  Going sunday to saturday is also good since it allows everyone a day to get home.
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Poxnor: 2013-02-17 07:32:31 pm
Moo! Flap! Hug!
Just adding an international perspective to what zastbat said.  To the best of my knowledge, classes re-start on 6 January 2014 at most Canadian universities (hence my suggestion a few posts back, though I completely understand the drawbacks that Mike agreed with regarding that suggestion).

(I just wanted to address the generalization that the dates are good for all college students; that's all Smiley )
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mikwuyma: 2013-02-17 07:42:18 pm
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Poxnor, I'm aware there are schools that start in the beginning of January (there are plenty here in the states). If we want to get into semantics, then this is the best date range that minimizes school conflicts that isn't during the holidays.
Moo! Flap! Hug!
Sorry -- I didn't mean to create a debate over semantics.  I both acknowledge and agree with what you're saying, Mike.  I was just trying to correct what I thought was a faulty assumption.  I didn't mean to make a debate of it; I was just trying to provide information that might be relevant going forward.
No pain, no gain
Yeah, it conflicts with me. And since I teach, it wouldn't really be an option to skip classes. I might get away with canceling Friday, though -- I'm sure my students wouldn't mind.

Anyway, that's what it looks like for me. A week earlier would be better, but I might be able to catch the last few days in this case.
Insane Killer Robot
I think that's a good date range for AGDQ 2014.
Quote from CyberBotX:
I think that's a good date range for AGDQ 2014.
Yeah although I probably won't be able to attend again I'd still say just lock it in, because it's pretty clearly the best choice and despite any number of random conflicts it's still going to be the best date range for the most people in terms of squeezing between the holidays and mid-january school startings.
That date seems fine to me. (I might actually come this year, too!)
Fucking Weeaboo
Sounds good. Hopefully I can make it this year, though the crowds might get to be a bit too much for me.
sounds good to me
Willing to teach you the impossible
This does seem to be the best option as a whole. Only thing that would make it better is if we moved both AGDQ and SGDQ to different times so that school would not be an issue for anyone (after spring semester/ before fall semester?)

I do not disagree with the dates here, but again because of school, I will be unable to attend from the calendar I see currently (only the 2013 is available atm).
I'm the keeper of Time.
I like those dates. As for a new location, would you consider the Las Vegas area?
Fucking Weeaboo
Quote from Wheels:
I like those dates. As for a new location, would you consider the Las Vegas area?

By new location he means new building, possibly the Hilton hotel that was discussed prior to AGDQ 2013. It's still going to be in the DC area. If you're out west, check out SGDQ which will be in Denver in July.
I'm the keeper of Time.
Ah, gotcha. Well, the dates for AGDQ are still good to me haha
Sea of Green
Well, guess we won't be seeing you again then. Oh well.
I could see some benefits to doing December 29th-January 4th. People will likely have fresh cash to burn due to Christmas/holiday bonus/ being paid at the end of the month, so may as well get in while the getting is good. Plus, school conflicts are reduced to the max, and it is guaranteed that there will be loads of people sitting at home with free time on their hands to tune into the stream.

But whatevs, I'll make 5th-11th work somehow.
$15 per rant/allegory
Sun-Sat is great.

29th-4th Works for many as far as time off from work goes and a new years stream for the Marathon could be massively successful. It's worth considering even though I'd probably prefer the 5th-11th. Just shout as soon as the dates are locked so I can book super early flights/time off <3
The Dork Knight himself.
I can do either date range, so whatever the masses vote for is good for me. The only major issue I see with 29th-4th would be beer companies lobbying to shut us down on the 31st so we don't cut into their profit margin.
King of the Choads
Sounds great to me. I'll be attending this year, and I can't wait. I'll be locking everything in as soon as possible.
Maybe we could bring back Majora's Mask for New Year's Eve. That way instead of having the ball dropping, we have the moon dropping to ring in the New Year. Suck it, Seacrest.