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My feelings on The Demon Rush
NOTE: This topic is only for attendees. You can still buy a shirt when the sale goes live during the marathon, but you can't pick up an attendee shirt unless if you're attending the marathon. Don't worry, being a commuter attendee who isn't staying at the center counts as an attendee.


To order the t-shirt, go to this link:

After you pay, be sure to click on the "return to" so you are properly redirected to the post-payment page.

The design

The cost is $7.50 (or $9.50 if you need 2XL or larger). Yes, like last year, Kari Fry made a serious time design for Unlike last year, she's not the only person designing a t-shirt, because currently the yetee's plan is a t-shirt per every 24-hour period.

Like last year, if you don't put in the money by the due date, you won't have a recent attendee shirt to wear at the marathon, so pay up ASAP if you want an attendee t-shirt! If you know someone who is attending the marathon but doesn't frequent the forums very often, then point them to this topic!

The due date for this shirt is December 2nd because Kari is going out to Tucson on the 3rd. Let me remind you that even though you can order these t-shirts later, these shirts will be the only ones with "Attendee" printed on the sleeve.

Again, to order the t-shirt, go to the following link:

P.S. If for some reason you can't pay via paypal, then talk to me either in this topic or forum PM, and we'll work something out.
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mikwuyma: 2012-11-18 09:37:10 pm
I heart SDA
Pre-order's all done!  Thanks, everybody.

Paid list:
paperandcloth, S
footbigmike, S
Hurblat: S
MrK: S, S
trihex: S
yoshifan: S
Kotti: M
pheenoh: M
dram55: M
Kari: M
Molotov: M
Withhelde: M
Beau/Vugmer: M
karifry: M
Mirrormn: M, L and XL
Cfox7: M
Marblez: M
your_name_here: M
RoboSparkle: M
Greenalink: M
Lee: M
Chrno: M
TestRunner: M
esi: M
Romscout: M
Psyknux: M
Inebriated: M
duckfist: M
radix: M and L
TakeruImpulse: M
Mundungu: M
honorableJay: M
essentia/brossentia: M, L
mikwuyma: L
l34ssl3oost: L
CyberBotX: L
puwexil: L
PresJPolk: L
Kirkq: L
uraniumanchor: L
Skullboy: L
oasiz: L
Naegleria: L
Omnigamer: L
MaturedSinner: L
Aftermath: L
Satoryu: L
theseawolf1: L and S
Raelcun: L
IrregularJinny: L
Lone_Kilted_Ninja: L
cosmowright: L
Mike89: L
ZackSK: L
mapler90210: L
Golden: L
LLCoolDave: L and XL
spikevegeta: L
calebhart: L
dballin: L
Krimmydoodle: L
AdamAK: L
Mrs. Emptyeye / Emptyeye: L, XL
sinister1: L, XL
pootrain: L
peaches_: L
deanyd: L, L
Cool Matty: XL
tjp7154: XL and XL
Breakdown: XL
Mecha Richter: XL
retrogamerryan: XL
sonikku: XL and XL
Dragondarch: XL
Mickey_Mage: XL
Paraxade: XL
fergbot: XL
MilesSMB: XL
VorpalEdge: XL
Zastbat: XL
chessjerk: XL
RaneofSOTN: XL
NoiseCrash: 2XL
qubit: 2XL
Valiuse: 2XL
KennyMan666: 4X

Also, one guy with initials RL got a L. 
Got 5 extras for prizes.

Important: if you've paid but don't see your name on this list, PM me with your email address you used for PayPal.  I'd rather not post actual names or email addresses.
Insane Killer Robot
Just posting to say I did this. Cheesy
Gamer and stitcher
Is there some way I could get one since I'm making prizes?
I think I'd kick myself if I didn't, so... done.
Glitching EB 1 flying man at a time
I just bought mine.
< -- just paid.
Paid for one as well!
Not a walrus
Still no Jason? Bah.

Purchased anyway.
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Good to know there are already so many people interested!

Sambrea: Sorry, but these shirts are for attendees only. There's two big reasons why these shirts are attendee-only.

1. If I let x-group of non-attendees buy the prizes, why shouldn't y-group of non-attendees?

2. Shipping costs. I'll be shipping enough prizes after the marathon.

Also, we want the attendees to feel loved. Wink
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karifry: 2012-11-18 10:43:38 pm
I heart SDA
Quote from UraniumAnchor:
Still no Jason? Bah.

Purchased anyway.

Hit me up for a Jason sketch at AGDQ. <3 Sorry in advance for all the favorites I left out.

\/ That was the Jason I thought he meant.  Woo, Blaster Master!
Professional Second Banana
You mean this version of Jason, right UA?  Wink

Not a walrus
puwexil keep in mind you're going to be within arm's reach during BM2.
Pheenoh the mean-o
Paid. (:
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KennyMan666: 2012-11-19 08:39:42 am
KennyMan666: 2012-11-19 06:42:31 am
KennyMan666: 2012-11-19 06:39:18 am
Oh I am getting this one so hard.

Also, I still need to pick up the first Serious Time shirt from fangamer, but shipping to Sweden is kind of expensive - so I'd like to have it shipped to someone in America going to AGDQ so I can get it there. Anyone willing to assist? (and while I'm asking for assistance with this, there's another thing I want to buy on another site that costs $6 and ships for free within the US but would cost me another $6 to get shipped here, so... contact me if you'd be willing to help) Assistance has been gotten, thanks to that person! Will send the money for this here shirt next week when I've gotten money, I'm starting to get a little short on it this month.
Oh man.  Yes please.  Just paid.  Kari, I used the.super.snes email address.  Thanks again for making these for us!  They're so good.  Cheesy
Iha paska
Neato!  Paid with my 'maxkyh'' gmail addy.
Looks awesome. Paid!
Formerly known as Skullboy
Paid. The design looks great.
Haters gonna hate

The shirt is so amazing!
Just bought one. I'll probably never wear it, but hey, I consider it a collector's item. o/
Thinker & Dreamer
Gonna be the most styling smiley (~° ▽ °)~
Cigar Man
Just paid.
All the things
Gots me one o' dem shirts.
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IrregularJinny: 2012-11-20 01:34:11 am
IrregularJinny: 2012-11-20 01:31:09 am
Infinite Combo
Can someone order one for me? I can pay you at AGDQ, my paypal is a nuisance when I wanna send in money from my bank account