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Not a walrus
Bloopers --

Highlights --

Someone had to make the topic

donkey kong 64 DK Rap. (before run starts)

1:20-1:40 serious time

link to the past
- bomb jump in dark palace  32:45-33:05

wind waker
4:44:40 (time)

final fantasy 9 pt 1
-I want to be your canary 0:11:10-0:16:30, 25:45-30:00
rockman and forte 2:20-2:30

mario snipe (between earthbound and NSMB. )


Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland
1. orange ocean 1 close race 23:25-24:06 (that's how you highlight the closeness of that race)

1. 1:03:42 backflip save.
Super Ghouls And Ghosts
1.~14:40 Wolf Death
2. wrong weapon last stage of run 1. 18:05-20:51

kid Chemeleon
1. rooster alarm (commentary) near sometime between 18:20-18:40

Mario 3
-4:18 getting 3 fire flower cards

- link to the past ganon's tower running out of magic 1:23:52-1:25:26

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SEGA Junkie
Original post follows:
And someone has to start making his own list:

- Ape Escape: I think there was something during Ape Escape, but I didn't quite catch it.. Someone else will know
- Yoshi's Island: Carl gets a one frame eggshot, around ~22:00
- Yoshi's Island: 36:37, perfect eggshot
- Yoshi's Island: ~46:00... The Trihex, success!... I think every marathon should have one of these either in highlights or bloopers
- Yoshi's Island: ~47:50 - Bonus Banner!
- DK 64: ~16:17, Chimpy Charge right through the door
- DK 64: After end, glitch show off
- SMB 3: TJP got the Curiboo (spelling?) Shoes pipe jump and wrong pipe entry again!
- Earthbound: ~1:50:00 (around these ~3min..) Plot explanation from the "NES Doctor" ;).. Maybe not directly a highlight, but I hope there are more of these explanations to come Cheesy
- F-Zero GX: ~09:00... I don't know much of this game, but he just plain simply crushed every npc
- Portal 2: ~1:11:00, that room was so smooth... I only just started watching, I'm sure there should be other highlights
- Portal 2: Ending Song.. Holy cow, that was actually good. Honestly, I personally don't like it usually people are singing during the marathons, but that was awesome
- Zelda OoT: ~3:23:00, Blindfolded door of time skip
- Zelda OoT: ~4:14:30, Outfit chaning Gerudo
- Pokemon Gold: ~???, The glitching was awesome
- Castlevania 3: ~26:06, hardest room in the game
- Castlevania 3: ~27:17, skip
- Castlevania 3: ~29:50, clutch bat kill
- Castlevania 3: ~30:30, perfect Dracula fight
- Super Meat Boy: ~16:30, hardest bandage first try
- Super Meat Boy: ~19:20, hard skip

- Rachet and Clank: Psyknux' Game freezing twice
- Yoshi's Island: Around 22:00 Carl Dies on an autoscroller doing too much random stuff ^^
- DK 64: ~36:00, Fake Key pickup after talking about it
- Binding of Isaac: ~25:00, I have no idea what exactly happened (just came back), but Rane died in some way and left the room
- Mega Man 4: ~28:00, Duckfist dies on the autoscroller while playing around
- Goof Troop: ~11:00, game crash!.. Or blooper?
- DKC returns: ~11:00 SMK dies, the death is not that special I think, but SMKs reaction makes it awesome
- Zelda LttP: ~1:26:40, Where's Tompa?
- Zelda OoT: ~57:25, "This is called ocarina buffering. The bomb has many frames in which it can damage you, so I... just killed myself"
- Pokemon Gold ~1:23:18, Game crashing
- Pokemon Gold ~???, somewhere in the beginning, the Onix defeated him because it was too fast
- Super Meat Boy: ~16:10, silly death

I'll simply edit in more on the way

Edit at some point: Wow, I'm lazy.. I know there were a lot of nice things, but I didn't write them down and now can't really remember..

Random Edit: And holy cow... I thought 250k was ballsy..

And... I love you all - best people out there.. It's been a long time since I've been this happy, at least since SGDQ Smiley

And... I can't stop myself from looking at the total viewercount of 11 million, looking at the total donation count and simply start laughing like a crazy person.. It's so unreal how much this grew
Willing to teach you the impossible
Quote from Yagamoth:
I'll simply edit in more on the way
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z1mb0bw4y: 2013-01-12 02:48:49 pm
Gets the cake.
-Close Kirby Race
-Hovering in Ape Escape
-The amazing egg shot in Yoshi's Island
-TONS of moments in Super GnG
-3-17 jump in Super Meat Boy
-Master levels in Super Monkey Ball
-Cube toss in Portal 2. Seriously, that toss is so random, and he made it first try. My mind was blown.
-Singing credits in portal 2
-wrong warp in OoT
-all of RR in SM64
-any number of bomb clips, superswims, etc in TWW.

-poor znernicus messing up laser platform and having the game crash. Horrible luck.
-Cosmo missing the helmoroc quick hover.

I still have to watch several runs through in the archives, been busy at work. I'll flesh this out more later.
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When in doubt, use explosives.
I'll also edit in more on the way as I watch the marathon.

Banjo-Kazooie: Beak Barge into the side of the sphinx in Gobi's Valley and then using Wonderwing to not lose the last health point, aka "going the safe route".

DK 64: Fake key pickup after talking about it, like Yagamoth mentioned.
Banjo-Kazooie: Barely failing third stage against Mr Vile (anyone got a timer stamp for that please?).
Super Mario 64 16-star: Ending up right under the moving platforms at around 15:30.
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Nobility: 2013-01-07 02:54:04 am
Your game crashing in front of 16,000 people isn't really a blooper...just underwhelming.  Felt terrible.  I would say the highlight is coming back with an awesome and extremely glitchy run! 

Also another highlight would probably be the major Shadow Complex skip for the any % run.  Good stuff.
Fucking Weeaboo
Highlight: Super Mario RPG - 100 Super Jumps on Johnny and on Smithy.
PJ's SGnG run and PJ/Mecha Richter's run of Battletoads and Double Dragon are both highlights and bloopers. These are the greatest runs ever.
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S.: 2013-01-09 08:55:50 am
S.: 2013-01-07 08:14:47 am
Blooper: Chrno announcing "Time" at the end of Skyrim, but the boss did not actually die.

Timestamp: 1:27:38 on Wsplit
Edit history:
Sonikkustar: 2013-01-10 06:44:12 pm
The Loony Bin
Blooper: Donkey Kong 64 - Getting the Fake Key which is really rare.
Does dying in the Binding of Isaac count as a blooper? <_<
just( •_•)>⌐■-■ ..... (⌐■_■)wing it
Depends on how you die....but I wouldn't say his was a blooper.  It was more of a failed attempt
Quote from zewing:
Depends on how you die....but I wouldn't say his was a blooper.  It was more of a failed attempt

He died the second he walked in the was pretty humorous.  I would say definite blooper.
just( •_•)>⌐■-■ ..... (⌐■_■)wing it
Oh lol I didn't know it happened like that.  Definitely a blooper

Yoshi's Island - Everything
Serious list: Giant Egg Juggle, 2-8 ground pound, bonus banner!!!
what the heck, just put the entire run in. Carl was very Swagan.

Sonic 2:
Mike89 and Werster died at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME on the final boss, making them SMACK EVEN in the race.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles:
Tails Catching Sonic shooting out of the cannon in carnival zone act 2.
Mike89 landing the Trihex
Just about every time the brothers argued
Edit history:
kirbymastah: 2013-01-08 08:56:37 am
adding this now too

Mega man 4 highlights:
bright man stage, the grasshopper skips
dr. cossack stage 2, the insane balloon jumps

uhhh dive man stage not done until that last bubble? XD

Duckfist is so awesome at mega man Cheesy
Mega Man 4 Blooper - Death on Cossack 3, sliding off the platform
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RoboSparkle: 2013-01-08 10:50:21 am
Magical. Flying. Bathtub
Not sure if this is a highlight or a blooper but:

Fallout 2: Lee "so, this might crash the game.  Aaaand we crashed the game"

A personal highlight in Skyrim was the co-op peace council and glitching through the main character.

other highlights:
Sonic CD - Tidal Tempest boss Quick Kill
- after the run, demonstrating why you can't use level wraps in that game.
Sonic 2 - Werster's "Real Time Strats"
- also seconded the part where they lined up on Death Egg boss after the simultaneous death.
S3&K - multiple instances of "and if you thought we broke THAT level..."
- the opening of S3&K where the timer for the first level won't start until the brothers let knuckles leave the screen...
Left4Dead - at the end where none of the survivors survived...  Congratulations on completing the game!
Fallout - Lee duck taping the bottle to his hand.  And then ripping the tape off after the run...

Amnesia - Adam doing a safety safe before a difficult skip.  And then dying AFTER he got it and resetting!
Sonic CD - the start of Metallic Madness 3
Sonic 2 - Chem 1 where we discover that Werster's controller doesn't have an 'up', then the part where Werster fails Level Select.
- the final boss in general.  So many deaths Sad
Skyrim - seconded Chrno calling time without the dragon actually dying.
Obscure games ftw
Highlight: Gangnam Style dance. (after Mega Man X)
Metroid Prime 1 Highlights:
2-pool fight
early newborn
early wild fight with chozo ghosts

Metroid Prime 2 Highlights:
grand abyss (cuz it's GA)
Emperor Ing 3

Metroid Prime 2 Bloopers:
Morph Ball bouncing on a dark portal in temple grounds
Double U-mos all the way
Boost Guardian??
Highlights and bloopers aren't worth much unless you also provide timestamps. See Yagamoth's post and do what he did.

Get your timestamps in everyone! Smiley
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Geisterkarle: 2013-01-11 01:34:16 pm
Geisterkarle: 2013-01-11 01:34:14 pm
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Uh... timestamps... will provide those after the VODs are out Wink

- Die Hard End of 2. try (I think), when the timer run out just as he entered the room!
- Final Fantasy 9 ~4:34 (Part 1) - When he wanted to do a great counterattack (Solution 9) but had not enough Mana Cheesy

- SuperMeatBoy when the developers tuned in and explained some stuff, really cool
- Earthbound the new skip they found 2 days ago
- Arm Wrestling Smiley

Both Wink
- Starcraft 2 ~2:44:00 Nuke on Vault to 1 health and Ghost shoots it!
aka theenglishman
Skyrim peace council needs to be on the highlight reel in all its unedited glory.
Arrested for felony abuse of emotes
Withhelde vs Cosmo Die Hard race

Octodad highlight:

Around 9:55 on wsplit, Kotti nearly failing on elevator skip, but making a great comeback. Or seriously, just the entire run.